16 minimalist fashionista Christmas gifts

So before I start, I appreciate and acknowledge the irony of this post. Surely minimalists don’t “need” (or want) Christmas presents?Technically this is correct. But most people want to buy gifts for the people they love. And well chosen gifts can bring lots of joy, even to those who would prefer not to have them.

So here are some suggestions. For those who are trying to build a great, minimalist, wardrobe and writing your Christmas list or those searching for gifts for someone with a small and carefully selected wardrobe.

The key I think is to focus on the following questions?

  • Is this useful? Can I see them wearing or using this it multiple times? Does it fit with their overall look/style aesthetic?
  • Is it beautifully made? Focus on quality, well designed and well made pieces will last longer and look better
  • Is it Christmas themed? If so, no no no.

And if in doubt, I know its less exciting, but vouchers for their favourite store will probably go down marvelously!

app001prod (2)

Lace detailed underwear, Cos, Bra £19 + briefs £12

app005prod (1)

Open hoop earrings,  & Other Stories, £13


Leather backpack, Zara £79.99


Sweatshirt, Whistles, £70


Suede belt, Jigsaw, £50

app005prod (3)


Oversized wool scarf, & other stories £49

app006prodWOS33 trainers, Arket £69


Cashmere crewneck, £69.90 Uniqlo


Gold ring leather bag, £89, & other stories


Stan Smiths, Office, £49.99app005prod (2)

Thin ring set, & other stories, £11


Silk Lace Cami, Modern Rarity at John Lewis, £65

app001prod (4)

Velvet top, Cos, £59

app001prod (1)

Cashmere Comb, Ille De Cocos for Cos £5


Mini Swell water bottle, Jigsaw, £25


The Curated Closet by Anushka Rees, Amazon, £18

Happy shopping! X



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