Autumn Sales 10×10 (with a monochrome rock chick vibe)

The Autumn sales have started to drop – and the urge to shop is fierce! Even though my Autumn capsule is working out pretty well so far and I’ve resisted the urge to buy anything, now pay day has hit and I’m tempted. I’ve written in previous blogs about how I dampen shopping urges during sale time and how, when I do sale shop, I try to do so consciously. But that can kinda take the fun out of the process. So I decided to challenge myself to create a little 10×10 featuring some of the best of the current UK high street bargains . Like shopping hypothetically, without necessarily buying anything!

The overall vibe…

My starting point was a Whistles dress I’ve been lusting after and a grungy skull t shirt. On the surface, both pretty different styles – one quite prim and put together and one most definitely not. But what’s fun about a 10×10 is the impact you can create by mixing things up.

I’d describe this as monochrome rock chick I think! In my head it’s the perfect wardrobe for a Parisian 30 something, with disheveled bed hair and a slight hangover.

Here’s what I picked…

  1. Whistles Jasmine Feather Print Dress £89 (was £149)
  2. Boden Lena Breton £24 (was £40)
  3. Boden Albury Jacket £66 (was £110)
  4. Office Ace back zip boots £41 (was £59)
  5. Mango Rock Cotton T Shirt £9.99 (was £17.99)
  6. Cos hoodie with shaped sleeves £29 (was £55)
  7. Mango Soho Skinny Jeans £25.19 (was £35.99)
  8. Cos long a-line jersey skirt £35 (was £69)
  9. Whistles Asymmetric One Shoulder Top £45 (was £59)
  10. Office Adidas indoor super trainers £40 (was £79.99)

10 items, 10 outfits

Dress + Boots

Skirt + Tshirt + Jacket + Trainers

Jeans + Breton + Boots

Jeans + Hoodie + Trainers

Dressy top + skirt + boots

Dress + Jacket + Trainers

Breton + Skirt + Boots

Dressy top + jeans + trainers

Skirt + Hoodie + Trainers

Jeans + Tshirt + boots

Cool huh!? Whilst this process was just a fun exercise designed to distract me from buying stuff it focuses on an important principle – If you were to think about every new thing you’re tempted to buy with “could I use this in a 10×10 challenge?” and only keep the things that shout “Yes!” you’d almost certainly minimise purchases you’ll later regret.



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